Highly talented New Zealand Artist, James Neumann, trained at Wellington Technical College Art School.

Beginning his creative work in advertising, he developed his unique line and colour style, which became a hallmark of his successful fine art career.  James is recognised as an expert in the watercolour gouache technique, a demanding skill that captures the subject in exceptionally fine detail.  His mastery of colour and form is also very evident in his painting.

James’ love of the environment is expressed in his art.  The bush, coastline and maritime scenes, as well as New Zealand fauna and flora, are constant themes that have a major influence on his art.

James has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A., England, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, New York.  His works are featured in private collections and galleries throughout New Zealand and the world.

Original Works, Offset and Canvas Prints, Sepia Portraits and Commissions available on request.

Contact Information:
Phone:   + 64 9 4897433

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